Day Trip from Kansas City – Atchison, KS

A couple weeks ago Erin (my fiancee) and I were able to sneak away for a little day trip out of town.  We really didn’t have time to go far but we wanted to see something new so I did some researching.

I remember a friend’s father saying that the trip to Atchison was a beautiful one and there were some pretty cool sights.  After some research I settled on a plan, told Erin to mark most of her afternoon off the calendar and relax.

We hopped in the car about 1 in the afternoon after Erin’s hair appointment and headed North.  The drive was nice because we took the relatively small highways and it was far enough we felt like we were getting somewhere but not so far we got tired of driving!

It was an hour and 15 minute trip one way to our tasty lunch at Paolucci’s off 3rd street.  After that we went for a walk down by the river and enjoyed the pleasant weather, the nice view and the Memorial.

We went to leave Atchison but on the way out of town we came across the Atchison Santa Fe Depot Visitors Center & Museum.  On a whim we stopped and found a really cool Santa Fe train museum there!

The museum was all outside and with all the cool old trains we had to get the requisite conductor looking photos.

All-in-all we had a great time and it made for a very nice day trip out of Kansas City to Atchison.

  1. #1 by Beth on August 20, 2010 - 9:22 am

    I love Atchison! Mom drove me up a couple of times in high school for one thing or another and the downtown area is beautiful. This post is great though you may want to know you wrote “it was far enough that we felt like we were going somewhere but not so far that we got tired” twice–oops. The pictures are great. The one with you looking at the sign looks like Dad; isn’t it crazy how often we both have the same posture, words, etc as Dad! Happy Birthday to you!!

  2. #2 by tjkimberly on August 20, 2010 - 2:27 pm

    Haha, thanks Beth. That’s what I get for coming back to a post after a few days and not re-reading carefully enough! Edited. And yes, I find myself standing like Dad a lot.

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