We have a new puppy named Bear!

About 7 months ago we got our new puppy, he is a Wheaton Terrier and Poodle mix called a Whoodle.  We named him Bear because he looks like a teddy bear when he has long hair.

Bear has really adapted well to our house and we’ve adapted to having him around as well.  We’re huge suckers for his soft hair so we’ve turned him into a cuddly dog, his favorite place to lay is on the bed half on top of you.  If you’re lucky that’s with his head on your legs, if you’re less lucky he puts his entire body on the pillow next to you!

On the up-side he doesn’t shed his hair at all, which is really cool.  However it does mean he needs the occasional haircut but we found a great groomer in KC who comes out to the house and does a great job with him (thanks Ana!).

We’ve gotten used to taking him on walks daily and Erin has even taught him to run with her!

Thanks for the pic goes to the awesome photographer Cristin

We got him way back in February so he’s much larger now, he’s 52 lbs, not a small dog at all!  However he’s not quite as cute as he was when he was young so the pictures are a little old. 🙂

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