Life Advice from Quora – Is it too late to do something amazing?

One of my favorite infrequent e-mails is the one I get from Quora. In case you don’t know Quora, it’s a simple Question and Answer site where anyone can ask a question and anyone can answer. Answers are then voted up or voted down. This reddit-like model has created amazing results. Often questions will be answered by experts, unlikely people with unique experience, or just everyday users with great perspective.

As a recent 30-year-old, I’ve been thinking about my life and what I’ll accomplish. With the deluge of news on young entrepreneurs who are changing the world I can’t help but feel a little behind the curve. This is a normal feeling for many of us. I found some great insight and perspective from this simple question:

If that wasn’t enough motivation just check out this great article by Herbert Liu about it: 14 Stories of Late Blooming Geniuses

The gist of it? NO. It is NOT too late.


The best quote I read was: “You can’t steer a parked car.”  So keep moving, get to work, embrace a hobby. Just keep doing.

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