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I. Fucking. Love. Mondays!

So there are a few million hilarious memes about how Mondays suck and, as funny as they are, I just can’t say I agree with any of them. Monday is the best day of the week because you’re starting your week with a blank slate*. The week can be anything you want it to be!

This is an exciting proposition, this week you can work towards a raise or building a happier business. You can finish that project that you’ve been meaning to do for way too long (if you’re me it’s been a couple years…), you can start writing that book you’ve always wanted to write or you can even just bring your wife flowers for no damn reason.

This week can be anything you want it to be.

But, just in case you still are cranky about Mondays try watching this video and not smiling as you kick off your day (singing along is highly recommended):

*The caveat here is that I run my own business so my schedule is more flexible than most. But having a full-time job does not mean you can’t treat all your time away from work as a blank slate. Or even some things within your work!

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Two Wheels Good – Dirt Bike Riding

Most people, at least here in the midwest, learn to ride two wheels on a bicycle, then on a dirt bike and THEN they go on to a full-fledged motorcycle. I was a little odd, I never really had the chance to ride a dirt bike so I went straight to motorcycles.

 photo IMAG1142_zpscf064d9b.jpg

And that made my experience a couple weekends ago all that more fun! A buddy invited me out to his land to ride dirt-bikes, I didn’t think much of it until that morning when I was getting out my sad motorcycle helmet and got some pre-riding happy jitters. (The helmet isn’t sad, the fact that it’s been in the top of my closet for the past 11 months is sad.)

They had 4 bikes out there, including a super-sweet 80cc Honda that was a blast because you could just ride the bike to its limit, rather than your limit. This problem may not apply to everyone but I’m not nearly as comfortable on a dirt bike as I need to be to ride a 125cc 2 stroke to the limit.

Taking a picture of J-me taking a picture:
 photo IMAG1148_zps19615534.jpg

J-me on his brother’s KTM 125, the 2-stroke in this thing is SCARY when the power comes on:
 photo IMG-20130705-WA0002_zps50f6d2e9.jpg

Of course the truck looks much cooler with a dirt bike in the back:
 photo IMAG1189_zpsc8a26bbd.jpg

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The most uplifting thing you’ll see this week – Kids React to Cheerios Commercial

A couple months ago Cheerios posted a completely normal ad on YouTube. The ad happened to feature a biracial couple and the comments were apparently so racist that all comments were deleted and disabled for the video. Check out the ad here:


Some great people (Benny and Rafi Fine) put together a reaction video from kids who watched that commercial – in case you didn’t realize it: this is pretty good proof that racism and hate are learned, now if we can only get people to quit teaching it!


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Sophisticated Manufacturing Techniques Make the Worlds Most Advanced Vehicle

This is an absolutely mesmerizing video of some of the worlds most advanced tech being born into a Formula 1 car..

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If you like Motorcycles You’re Going to LOVE this

Brought to you by the extremely talented and completely badass guys at Icon Motorsports.

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My mom is ahead of the fashion curve!

I have to give some props to my mom who, 3 years ago, knitted me an awesome winter hat that is now in fashion!

This is a picture of me wearing my hat in preparation for some snowboarding

And now you can buy an extremely similar hat from The North Face on the Nordstrom’s website (and in the guys’ section even!).  So, to all the guys who teased me about wearing a girls hat I must say “HA!”  And a big thanks to my mom for being a fashion-forward trend-setter 🙂


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How to Become a Project Finisher

Are you a Project Starter?  Do you want to be a Project Finisher?

The folks over at Harvard Business Review have written a great little article on the type of people who are great at beginning projects but terrible at finishing them.  I happen to be a shining example of this type of person so they really struck home with me.

Heide Grant Halverson (the author) did a good job of showcasing just how a simple mindset change from focusing on what’s been done (to-date thinking) to focusing on what is left to be done (to-go thinking) can really help us move projects forward to completion.

I really like the psychological trickery here but I’d like to go one step further to say that I’ve been nice & lucky with next-step thinking in order to keep myself from seeing a mountain of work left to do and getting overwhelmed I find that focusing on the next 1-3 tasks really keeps me going.

Do you have any great ideas, tips or tricks to keep yourself motivated to see a project through to completion?  Drop them here in the comments!

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The Hard Way? No, the COOL Way!

This video made me drool! I love seeing how things are made and when you showcase tremendous innovation mixing old and new technology you get some of the coolest carbon fiber work ever.

Thanks to Mark Mann for the link!

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The Coolest Soccer Ball on the Planet!

This is by far – The Coolest Soccer Ball on the Planet!

The Ball is a CTRUS C1 by AGENT


CTRUS Design Process from AGENT. on Vimeo.

Article from

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Day Trip from Kansas City – Atchison, KS

A couple weeks ago Erin (my fiancee) and I were able to sneak away for a little day trip out of town.  We really didn’t have time to go far but we wanted to see something new so I did some researching.

I remember a friend’s father saying that the trip to Atchison was a beautiful one and there were some pretty cool sights.  After some research I settled on a plan, told Erin to mark most of her afternoon off the calendar and relax.

We hopped in the car about 1 in the afternoon after Erin’s hair appointment and headed North.  The drive was nice because we took the relatively small highways and it was far enough we felt like we were getting somewhere but not so far we got tired of driving!

It was an hour and 15 minute trip one way to our tasty lunch at Paolucci’s off 3rd street.  After that we went for a walk down by the river and enjoyed the pleasant weather, the nice view and the Memorial.

We went to leave Atchison but on the way out of town we came across the Atchison Santa Fe Depot Visitors Center & Museum.  On a whim we stopped and found a really cool Santa Fe train museum there!

The museum was all outside and with all the cool old trains we had to get the requisite conductor looking photos.

All-in-all we had a great time and it made for a very nice day trip out of Kansas City to Atchison.