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ZAP Car found where it belongs!

The other day I was scouring the city in search of an obscure part for my car.  One of my stops was the local Pick-N-Pull.  A “you pull it” style junkyard.  Or salvage yard, whatever you word you want to describe it’s the same thing, a bunch of junk dead cars with some parts on them that may, or may not be, good anymore.

Lo and behold I was on my way out into the yard when I spotted this beauty!

ZAP Xebra Home in the junkyard

ZAP Xebra Home in the junkyard

This is a ZAPCar Xebra.

Now let’s be honest, this is exactly where this car belongs!  3 Wheels in the most unsafe arrangement and a top speed of 40mph and a range of 25 miles???  That has to be the least appealing vehicle on the planet.

The sad part here is that ZAP used to have a good name in the Electric vehicle field and stood a fantastic chance of being the FIRST major manufacturer of electric vehicles.  Unfortunately they categorically trashed their good name and their business’ future.  In fact, Wired wrote an intriguing and telling article about them here.

So ZAPCAR, we laugh at you.  With derision and a little sadness that you could’ve been so much but you were so little.  (pun intended)

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Star Wars in a NYC Subway car

This is quite possibly the most Awesome Star Wars improv on the planet!

Here are some other Star Wars related videos for your enjoyment:

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