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Go Blackberry Picking near Kansas City in Edgerton, KS

This morning I took the wife out to go pick some blackberries! I found out about this place because it is next door to where I go dirt bike riding at my buddy’s land. They’re better known for their peach picking but they sure have some delicious blackberries and friendly service.

The place is Gieringer’s Orchard out in Edgerton, KS –


They had rows and rows of blackberries, plenty of choices!


Super-cute wife of mine!




If you get a chance it is a lot of fun and a quick drive from KC, especially in the morning on a weekend.

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We have a new puppy named Bear!

About 7 months ago we got our new puppy, he is a Wheaton Terrier and Poodle mix called a Whoodle.  We named him Bear because he looks like a teddy bear when he has long hair.

Bear has really adapted well to our house and we’ve adapted to having him around as well.  We’re huge suckers for his soft hair so we’ve turned him into a cuddly dog, his favorite place to lay is on the bed half on top of you.  If you’re lucky that’s with his head on your legs, if you’re less lucky he puts his entire body on the pillow next to you!

On the up-side he doesn’t shed his hair at all, which is really cool.  However it does mean he needs the occasional haircut but we found a great groomer in KC who comes out to the house and does a great job with him (thanks Ana!).

We’ve gotten used to taking him on walks daily and Erin has even taught him to run with her!

Thanks for the pic goes to the awesome photographer Cristin

We got him way back in February so he’s much larger now, he’s 52 lbs, not a small dog at all!  However he’s not quite as cute as he was when he was young so the pictures are a little old. 🙂

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My mom is ahead of the fashion curve!

I have to give some props to my mom who, 3 years ago, knitted me an awesome winter hat that is now in fashion!

This is a picture of me wearing my hat in preparation for some snowboarding

And now you can buy an extremely similar hat from The North Face on the Nordstrom’s website (and in the guys’ section even!).  So, to all the guys who teased me about wearing a girls hat I must say “HA!”  And a big thanks to my mom for being a fashion-forward trend-setter 🙂


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10 Lessons I Learned from my Family: Lesson 1

In honor of my sister’s birthday (Happy Birthday Beth!) I’m writing a post a day for the next 10 days on lessons I learned from my family.

Beth is 1 year 10 days and 2 minutes older than me so we grew up very close and shared a lot of good times.  She turned 29 this morning and in 10 days I’ll turn 28.  In the next 10 days I’m going to reflect on all of the things my family has taught me over the years.  So without further ado…

Lesson 1: Confidence is all in your head so fake-it till you make-it.

I’m lucky to have grown up in a loving family with 3 sisters, a mother and a father all under one roof, I’m the youngest and I had guidance from all of my family.  In addition to all of that my family was super supportive – I was regularly reminded that I was smart and attractive and I could do anything I wanted in life (the truth of their comments didn’t matter but the support meant the world).

As I grew into an awkward teenager I found it really easy to lose all the confidence and spirit I’d had before.  Pimples, voice-cracking and being smaller than all the girls made it hard to hold on to that built-up confidence level.

As I got into High School I realized that the guys who had all the friends and were going on dates with girls (because that’s about the only thing I thought about as a teenager) were the ones who were willing to talk to them.  And the guys willing to talk to the girls were the ones with confidence.

One day I was sitting at the dinner table when I realized that I could feel completely comfortable and confident at home with my family and it made me able to be the outgoing and interesting version of myself.  At that point I decided there was no reason I shouldn’t be able to act that way at school and around my friends.  I decided that the next day I was going to just act like that.  I started smiling at strangers with a big smile instead of a meek smile, I acted like I wasn’t afraid to be goofy or tell a weird joke even though I secretly wondered if people thought I was stupid.

Gradually over the next few months it became easier to act like I was confident because I was getting more confident.  I was beginning to realize there was no really good reason for worrying so much about what everyone thinks.  Sure, I got teased a little, but in the end my ruse won out and the confidence started to grow.  Now (over a decade later) I’m completely confident with myself, I’m not afraid to look like a fool – and my friend will tell you that it happens sometimes 🙂

Leave a comment and tell us what you think about confidence or your family’s lesson!



Tony doing some Modeling???

OK, so I’m not really a model, but the benefit of being a business owner’s brother and a photographer’s son is that I get the chance to do some really cool things!

Here are some pictures of a recent photo shoot we did with my nieces Katie and Mary for Erin Kate Creation’s awesome baby slings!

We all had a lot of fun and carrying Mary in the sling freed up my hands to do other things.  I was able to move things around in the garage without putting her down, even the motorcycle!  I couldn’t believe how convenient it was.

A big thanks to Erin Kate Creations for the use of the sling (and the babies).

And a big thanks to Penna B Photography for the shots!

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#1 Rule for Business Bloggers is a Rule for Life

I’ve written a post for my business blog at TonyOnBusiness that I’d like to expand on here.

I’m always trying to stay at the forefront of new business ideas but this doesn’t fall in that category at all.  In fact this might be one of the oldest, most significant rules for ANY social situation.  As in, any time you interact with another human being.

That rule is:

Provide Value

Not only is this an excellent rule for your business blog but if you provide value in any social setting you’ll find people are much more likely to want to spend time with you – because doing so helps them in some way.

The value you provide certainly doesn’t have to be anything huge – you don’t have to give away your life’s savings to become friends.  It can be as simple as being the funny person in the group, or providing an excellent recommendation for a place to eat when no one can decide.  You can even do something as simple as sharing the name of your awesome accountant.

Although this should never become a ‘will you always help me’ kind of friendship it can certainly become a mutual partnership if that other person provides value too.  If you start to pay attention you’ll find yourself drawn to those who provide value to you too…

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