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Great Story About the Beginning of a Business from

Among my friends it’s no secret that I love to read stories about the beginnings of great businesses and business men (and women!).  What I love about them is the creation of something from nothing.

At the start it’s nothing but a series of electrical pulses through someones brain.  It grows into a verbal conversation, or an email exchange perhaps.  Then, pretty quickly, it throws an individual (or a few of them) hurtling down a path they had only recently know absolutely nothing about.

From that spark of electrical pulses many people create businesses or business empires that turn millions, or sometimes billions of dollars in income. It’s completely FASCINATING!

Along those lines I recently stumbled across a great article from the guys over at that chronicles the beginning of their fledgling business that creates a cologne called “Moonshine.”

Check it out, it’s definitely worth the read!

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