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#1 Rule for Business Bloggers is a Rule for Life

I’ve written a post for my business blog at TonyOnBusiness that I’d like to expand on here.

I’m always trying to stay at the forefront of new business ideas but this doesn’t fall in that category at all.  In fact this might be one of the oldest, most significant rules for ANY social situation.  As in, any time you interact with another human being.

That rule is:

Provide Value

Not only is this an excellent rule for your business blog but if you provide value in any social setting you’ll find people are much more likely to want to spend time with you – because doing so helps them in some way.

The value you provide certainly doesn’t have to be anything huge – you don’t have to give away your life’s savings to become friends.  It can be as simple as being the funny person in the group, or providing an excellent recommendation for a place to eat when no one can decide.  You can even do something as simple as sharing the name of your awesome accountant.

Although this should never become a ‘will you always help me’ kind of friendship it can certainly become a mutual partnership if that other person provides value too.  If you start to pay attention you’ll find yourself drawn to those who provide value to you too…

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