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How to Become a Project Finisher

Are you a Project Starter?  Do you want to be a Project Finisher?

The folks over at Harvard Business Review have written a great little article on the type of people who are great at beginning projects but terrible at finishing them.  I happen to be a shining example of this type of person so they really struck home with me.

Heide Grant Halverson (the author) did a good job of showcasing just how a simple mindset change from focusing on what’s been done (to-date thinking) to focusing on what is left to be done (to-go thinking) can really help us move projects forward to completion.

I really like the psychological trickery here but I’d like to go one step further to say that I’ve been nice & lucky with next-step thinking in order to keep myself from seeing a mountain of work left to do and getting overwhelmed I find that focusing on the next 1-3 tasks really keeps me going.

Do you have any great ideas, tips or tricks to keep yourself motivated to see a project through to completion?  Drop them here in the comments!

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