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Our ‘New’ Antique Radio – 1948 Philco 1262 Radio and Phonograph

For Christmas I decided to do something a little more special for my wife (and a little bit for me). I had been looking at some classic pieces of furniture to liven up the house but without any luck.  I’m a generally stingy person so instead of looking in antique shops I was perusing Craigslist for some good deals.  I’d had my eye on an old style liquor cabinet or maybe even a radio.  I wouldn’t have even thought of the radio if my Mom hadn’t had my Dad’s old radio restored for him a few years back – it’s a beautiful 1940’s Philco table-top model that still plays any music you can find on the AM band (mostly radio-disney, but that’s another story).

After a month of searching I finally found a radio with a grainy picture of a Philco radio with a style I thought I liked.  I sent an email and waited a week but with no response.  I sent another one and waited 2 weeks but no response.  I was almost ready to give up but I just couldn’t find anything else I liked on Craigslist so I sent a last ditch email that said

Subject: Need Christmas cash?

Love your radio on Craigslist!  I’m in XXXXXXX Kansas and I have cash, I’d love to come by tomorrow and check it out/pick it up.

Call me on my cell at XXX.XXX.XXXX.



And it worked!  He had been out of town until then so he wasn’t responding to emails, I drove to his place and picked it up just a couple days later.

1948 Philco 1262 Radio and Phonograph

Not long after Christmas I even found a really cool original magazine ad from the mid 1940s advertising the very same radio!  We’re planning to frame it and mount it above the radio.  Erin and I are looking forward to listening to some old radio broadcasts, perhaps off our friend’s website  Until then, I’ll be taking this thing apart and piecing it back together with fresh parts!

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